Switzerland Study Trip 2005

During my junior year at Williams College, I was awarded a Wilmers Fellowship to travel to Switzerland the following summer and study the built environment of the country's rural areas. The trip was 6 1/2 weeks long, from May 31 to July 13, 2005. I amassed a huge library of digital photographs and a comprehensive knowledge of rural Swiss building. The fellowship required a report to be written on my findings, and I adapted my report from its original printable format (which I will try to make available online in PDF again soon, old link is broken) to an HTML format on this site. This format has the advantage of allowing the photographs to be displayed uncropped and full-resolution (640x480). Without further ado, the four components of the site:

The Report The report itself. Chock-full of pretty, narrated pictures of Swiss buildings and their surroundings.
The Travelogue A gathering of blog posts that I made during the trip, which tell a little more about daily life, including its non-architectural aspects.
The Nature Journal Transcriptions and scans of my handwritten nature journal entries from the trip, including some plein-air descriptions and sketches.
The Photo Gallery Lots (i.e. over a thousand) more pictures from the trip. There are many photos that didn't make it into the report but that are very much worth sharing.