19 October 2006 Screenplay: An Opening

Black screen. Sound of waves lapping against the side of a wooden boat. Fade from black. A tiny boat, alone (by which we mean surrounded by a gazillion (actual number) other boaters, and jet skis), in the vastness that is Florida Bay. An old man, much as Hemmingway must have imagined him, in a loose fitting Hawaiian shirt, sipping at a bottle of Corona and lime (delish), with large blue blocker sunglasses and a VFW trucker hat sitting high atop his head with wispy tufts of snow white hair waving loosely in the wind, sits at the helm of the ship. The sail is down and the ship relies on the large onboard motor to putter along, leaking oil and spewing smoke out into the crystal blue hazy sky.

Cut scene. A buzzing fly lands on the back of a dark-chocolate-colored hand layered with dust everywhere except for the few places where sweat has beaded up enough to run. The fly is quickly brushed away only to return to the pile of trash next to the deck that the African man sits on. Next to his chair is a long-barreled high-powered ivory gripped rifle that he absentmindedly caresses while staring intently out over the railing. Surrounding the house are mounds of dirt from a trench that was obviously quickly and recently dug. A large log creates a bridge leading from the driveway in front of the house to the surrounding fields where tiny zephyrs send dust swirling into the savanna.

Pan to sky. Fade from sound of buzzing flies to that of water caressing the side of a ship. A buoy dings in the background. Music blasts from a party boat as men and women in tight fitting designer swim wear race around the ocean. The old man in the wooden boat shakes his fist at them yelling something about "dang young'ns" as his grandkids lie on the bow and wife holds, white knuckled, onto the railing. The boat shudders as if it stuck something. "Prob'ly one of them dang manatees." The old man gets up and looks towards the stern of the boat, as he does so there is a splashing and a stingray jumps into the boat, knocking the man down. Using its tail like a spear, the stingray stabs at the man as his grandchildren scream and his wife calls for help. Eventually the stingray hits home, stabbing the man before dying of suffocation.

Cut to shaking screen. Trees come crashing down as a large male elephant rips apart the forest bordering the fields in the African savanna. The man on the deck jumps up as the elephant turns towards the house, grabbing the rifle in one motion while running off the porch. The elephant, shaking its head and bellowing, makes a beeline for the man, paying no heed to the trench or barbs that stick into its thick skin as he runs though fencing. Wielding his tusks like a pair of giant scythes, the elephant clips the man as he lowers the rifle, sending him reeling onto the dusty ground... cut to black.

Dun dun dun (music)

Voice over: Even animals can only be pushed so far. Will this be humanity's last stand? What will we do when...
Coming to the real world near YOU

* * *

Check out these two articles on animals that are normally docile creatures suddenly turning on humans. Could it be that they're pissed at us? Could it be that it is time for revenge? Could this come in the form of an awesome movie starring Denzel as an honest, hardworking man who has to fight for the human race? I think so!

Or is it like something out of an old Hitchcock movie where suddenly the animals rise up to kick all our asses? We should get them before they get us. Hippies, you are either with mankind or against it! Start eating MEAT and show those tasty bastards who's boss.

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