13 November 2007 A TN Apolog-E

We don't like to apologize or suggest that we made a mistake; it puts our infallibility into question. But we sometimes jump to conclusions a bit early — let's just say we don't always judge the depth of the pool before diving in. And so, in our first ever TN apolog-E, we have to correct a couple of mistakes about Ron Paul, presidential candidate.

Yes, there was some confusion as to who he was at the time. We thought that he was a right-wing wacko, a disgruntled old man looking for crackers for his cup o' soup and an ex-Libertarian candidate come into the Republican fold to hold down the Pat Buchanan side of the ticket. We even did some research: we know he only got 0.47% of the vote last time he ran for President (same as Donald Duck), we know he delivers babies, we know he doesn't wash his hands, we know he loves apple pie, motherhood, Chevrolet and America, but apparently we underestimated the man.

News today (well it was today when I started to write this) recently came through that Ron Paul brought in the most money EVER by a GOP candidate in one day. That includes the amount that Mitt Romney's kids have donated out of their inheritance. In a clever ploy, Ron Paul hosted an online campaign on a day corresponding with a British holiday "celebrating" the rebellious Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up Parliament. Where Guy Fawkes failed, Ron Paul thinks he has a chance (the Brits would never see it coming!). So in view of this recent finding, we have to amend the statement "maybe drugs weren't the best way to deal with the horrible reality that is a cash-starved, losing presidential run" from our previous article. Let's see here... "Maybe drugs weren't the best way to deal with the horrible reality that is a cash-starved, losing presidential run." OK much better.

A recent article about Dr. RP (also his rap name) highlighted his ability to fill rooms with people who want change — despite the fact that he hasn't. Paul stresses that he is still giving the same speeches that he gave when he last ran for president as a Libertarian (he just changes the names) but now there is an audience to listen. Ron Paul walks quite the line in being "The Man" (as he wants to do away with Roe v. Wade) but at the same time the "Anti Man" trying to do away with big government and the war on drugs. It is a conundrum that has people both excited and scared — a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of thing, only this time it is a Dr. Paul and Mr. President kind of thing (note: Mr. President is only a figment of Dr. Paul's mind, so don't be too frightened).

The Primaries approach! And we have many candidates to make fun of before NH kicks it off. Stay tuned!