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a badly-lit photo of me in front of power lines receding through a cut in the woods in winter

I’m from rural southwestern New Hampshire and now reside nearby in Eastern Massachusetts. I graduated in 2006 from Williams College with a degree in math and a concentration in environmental studies, worked for a year in Boston at an architecture firm, completed a master’s degree in architecture and urban design at Washington University in St. Louis at the end of 2010, and worked for five years near Boston at another architecture firm. After that, I changed direction and turned to web development, a longtime hobby, as my main occupation. I also got married along the way!

In my free time, when not sinking too many hours into various projects or nerding out on various points of interest, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and other family and friends — cooking and dining, exploring the outdoors on runs and walks, watching sunrises and sunsets — although sunrises and sunsets are not mutually exclusive with nerding out.

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