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Welcome. A great variety of material, ranging from clearly dumb to potentially intelligent, awaits your perusal:


Europe 2009 Finally substantially complete, and it only took 3 1/2 years: a photo gallery of my abroad programs in Finland and Barcelona, and of the trip through Europe between them, on the model of the Switzerland section below.
Switzerland 2005 Includes a report with lots of pictures, a blog collection with no pictures, a nature journal compilation with sketches, and a picture gallery with lots of pictures.
P.O.I.B. i.e. Points Of Interest Blog — a blog of essays about points of perennial interest, as opposed to the day-to-day issues aired by a journal blog.
Demented Dream Journal. I write down dreams I have when I remember them and have time to write them down.
Marktplatz-Musik Finally after years and years of experimentation in electronic music I've gotten around to producing some that seems developed enough to share around. Here it is, and I hope to keep adding to it regularly. Make sure you listen on something you can hear bass with. I mean for heaven's sake.
Marktplatz-Musik for Sale In addition, I have started to make some tunes available for download. Up so far: the HOUSE SQUARES EP (comprising House Squares, Cupboard, and Hamilton) and the SATAMA EP (comprising Sun on the Corner, Forest Swim, Zoom, and Satama).


IPA II: IPA With A Vengeance Once upon a time I made a chart of the International Phonetic Alphabet where you could click on a glyph to hear its sound, and it turned out to be a massive hit. Much later, my student site, the IPA page included, was disappeared. Death was no match for the IPA Chart, though. Here it is, back in fighting form!
Genre name generator If you enjoy the ridiculicious specificity of genre and subgenre designations for popular music, particularly electronic music and rock, you'll probably like this. Click anywhere on the page to retrieve a new genre name.
Genres Xtreme Like the above, but you get a hundred genres at once.
Accidentally I accidentally a dumb webpage. Sry.
Pace-culator A quick and dirty pace calculator.
Colors All the good ol' web-safe colors (besides the grayscale ones), arranged by hue, then saturation, then value. Useful for quick checks and comparisons. Not that web-safe colors matter anymore.
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