2021.11.9 New Jersey portmanteaux

Just a quick table of portmanteaux created from my favorite New Jersey municipality names. The next installment in my portmanteau explorations, after border states. (Note: Hamtramck, Michigan is an honorary member of this group, but I'm leaving it out of the table for propriety's sake.)

Hackensack Hoboken Parsippany Pennsauken Pequannock Perth Amboy Secaucus Weehawken
Hackensack Hackensack Hackboken Hackenippany Hacksauken Haquannock Hack Amboy Hackaucus Hackawken
Hoboken Hobokensack Hoboken Hobippany Hobesauken Hobannock Hobamboy Hobaucus Hobawken
Parsippany Parsippensack Parboken Parsippany Parsauken Parquannock Parse Amboy Parsaucus Parhawken
Pennsauken Pennsaukensack Pennsoken Pennsippany Pennsauken Pennsannock Pennsamboy Pennsaucus Pennhawken
Pequannock Pequackensack Pequoken Pequippany Pequauken Pequannock Pequamboy Pequaucus Pequawken
Perth Amboy Perth Ackensack Perth Oken Perthippany Persauken Perth Annock Perth Amboy Perthaucus Perthawken
Secaucus Secackensack Secoken Sekippany Secauken Sequannock Secamboy Secaucus Secawken
Weehawken Weehawkensack Weehoken Weehippany Weesauken Wehannock Weehamboy Weehaucus Weehawken