Gallery: July 1 — Appenzell 1

Herewith pictures from a documentation-oriented walk through Appenzell village.

A quirky, rather whimsical modernist apartment house.

The town church. The apse is off-axis from the nave and I forget why.

Side of the church along the main street, plus a heavy-duty gallery.

Church tower.

Landeskanzlei: the cantonal government headquarters, I guess?

Town hall, maybe; it is completely open on the street level to a courtyard beyond.

White house.

Green house.

Blue-red house.

Ogival house.

This fountain is totally cool because the ball rotates, buoyed by a current of water underneath, while water flows over it as well.

Here's a nice example of local symmetries.

A curious tower'd house.

A most excellent door.

Metallic reinterpretation of the paneling tradition.

This is the reddest building in the world.

This house is a historic landmark that I forget the details of.

Row of houses.

Another Alpina, this one a bit worn.

Bold woodness.

A convent (methinks) on the edge of the village.

Duplex hodgepodge.

Nice compound bracing.