Gallery: July 1 — Appenzell 2

More pictures from around town.

A lurking church.

Here's that building with the open ground floor again.

A pretty chapel sandwiched in in the village.

A fountain that I drank out of, though I found out later you aren't supposed to, but I was fine.

Balcony tree.

Appenzell specialities: mmmmmm.

Daytime picture of the Sitter.

I liked these windows. That's why.

Bus stop — probably the most futuristic design in town.

A bulgingly solar-powered farmhouse.

Coupla trees.

Apartment box block.

Some Baroque-style sunclouds.

Minimalist carport. Nice detailing.

Multi-family home poster; llamas?

Multi-family home. I bet it's finished by now.

Partial shutters — unusual to see them closed, which is why I shot them. (with my CAMERA)

Along the walk back to Haus Lydia: a newly manure-spritzed field.

Eine jagende Katze.

Local train coming around the loop.

Flowers at Haus Lydia.

Flowers at Haus Lydia with some kind of wild & crazy filter.

Kinda dramatic. There's Hoher Kasten (and Kamor to its left) in the background, partially beclouded.