Gallery: June 29 — Appenzell Museum

This is from the Museum Appenzell in the town of Appenzell. Both the contents of the museum and the museum itself are really worth a look.

First, from Haus Lydia: this is a photograph of Hoher Kasten and a photograph of Hoher Kasten.

On the walk into town. Swoopy!

In the museum: a great wooden clockwork.

The museum has lots of great tectonic details; it's sort of a carved-out renovation of its host building. Here: beams and tension rods.

The unbeatable doily.

This huge laminated arch beam holds the roof up but this is still exhibition space on this floor, which is really cool.

Old timberwork.

Nice contrasts of wood tones.

Appenzellers can panel.

This is an ecclesiastical piece that...

contains a font.

Schloss model.

The stairwell area is pretty sweet because the floors are cut away in curves to reveal the building skeleton.

It's great to be able to get right up into and investigate this complex framing.

Old wall new wall. (Did you know that Lincoln was actually from Appenzell and not Illinois?)

Layered windows.

Interior corner junctions.

Another floor cutaway.

Back side of a Kachelofen — the rest is in a neighboring room.

Here it is.

Exterior of the museum. A bit of the main street to the left.