Gallery: June 20 — Ardez 1

And then downhill into the large village of Ardez.

View of Ardez on approach. The defensive Schloss is visible up on the outcropping in the back.

Unusual black trim.

I still can't get over the hilliness of this square.

The street.

Here the faux-stone edges are even brought into relief rather than simply painted.

Very complex this one.

Nice contrast between the white and the maroon.

Another with relief stone.

The Adam & Eve House on approach.

Steep site.

The Adam & Eve House straight on. Amazing piece of work. Look how the windows and door are integrated into the design.

The blindingly white church.

Nice geometric elements here.

Every shutter is a different color even!

Another mountains-through-the-alley shot.

A pretty pair of projecting windows.

These look a thousand years old.

The ruins of the Schloss. I don't know what happened to it. Maybe the Hapsburgs happened to it or something.

Outlying farm shed.