Gallery: June 20 — Ardez 2

More of Ardez.

Again with the hill terracing.

Back side of one of the buildings on the village streets.

North face of the building? No problem! Slap a huge sun design on it.

Incredible small-scale detail here.

The ghostliest portal yet (i.e. next to the actual one).

This one is very refined too. Note the dates: 1605 and 1701.

Another hilly intersection. Wild.

A simpler façade, but still quite nice. (Is that a roof cutoff I see up and to the left of it??)

This building is completely shaped by the streets.

This bird character was inescapable throughout Switzerland and remains a goofy enigma.

Ardez is nothing if not sectionally fascinating.

Coolest Sundial Award.

The horizontal slats on the front of the shed follow the slope of the hill.

Another tower, with house.

Half-timbering, quite unusual for the Engadin.

View back up from down closer to the train station.

The railroad & highway looking up the valley.

Ardez station.

Another church on the edge of town.