Gallery: May 31, June 1 — Arrival

This first page contains just a few shots from when I first arrived in Switzerland and was settling in.

The very first picture of the whole trip. This was on the rail route from Luzern up over the Brünig Pass into the Berner Oberland, and it was the first time on the journey that I glimpsed the High Alps, which you can see beyond the clouds in the distance. I think it's the Lungerersee (the Lake of Lungern) that you can just see beyond the house.

In my vacation apartment in Hofstetten, which was very reasonably priced. The feather puffs that are ubiquitous on Swiss beds are divine.

Hofstetten's surroundings, including the Hofstetterbärgli (the large hill to the right before the cloud), which has a road to its summit that I went running on.

One evening after touring Ballenberg, I played around with the multiple mirrored doors of the bathroom cabinet.

I covered the flash up with my finger and it gave the light a blood-red cast.