Gallery: June 1–3 — Ballenberg animals

And now for the cutest page of the whole gallery. There were many awesome animals at Ballenberg.

Look how puffy these chickens are! The one on the left looks like a Tribble.

Awwww you're so adorable.

Cookies'n'creme turkeys.

The watchman, poised for action.


That's a pretty cool crest.

These two always strike me as being like a couple of highly mannered 18th-century characters such as you might find illustrations of — a Dandy and an Odalisque. Look at the Dandy's impossibly fancy balance and at how the Odalisque languidly luxuriates. They're a wonderful pair.


Hey guys.

This shot is like a still from a 1990s public-access TV interview with a local artist where they got all excited about jumpy, jaunty camera effects. Except that the local artist is a rooster.

Here he is walking to the studio. What's he been working on lately? Stay tuned!

Budgies. The pugs of the small domestic bird world. (That is a compliment, not a slight.) Except they lack a licking problem in most cases.

Whoa what's going on outside? Let me crane my neck to see. As much as I can. I am but a rabbit.

Are those... red horns???