Gallery: July 7 — Blatten 1

Shots from the town that is one of the home bases in Switzerland for my parents and me, taken on the way back from Eisten and Kühmad.

A little power station for Blatten, just upstream from the main streets.

The Elektrizitätswerk was born in the same year as me, like the Gersau fountain.

View down into Blatten. I think there's fog further down the valley that you can see beyond the roofs.

Yet another environmental sculpture.

My parents looking into a mill building — the sign on the front says Mühle for mill. The shed roof of the hind part of the building is a pretty unusual form for traditional Blockbau, as far as I know.

A three-dimensional garden with a gnome.

Make that a brigade of gnomes. A musical brigade. This garden is a pretty cool thing.

A small building WAY WAY UP on anti-rodent pilings. It has a sort of divine aura here with the soft focus and the 3-point perspective.

The back side of the church, with the rose window.

A closeup of the rose window. It's quite beautiful, especially when you investigate the little details.