Gallery: July 9 — Blatten 2

I had some free time on this morning, so I walked around Blatten and took more pictures.

View up from the newer side of the village, where the apartment we stay at is, across the Lonza to the older side.

The Lonza from a small bridge.

A house with the second floor added later.

One of the numerous great wooden fountains around.

The two roof overhangs almost overlap to create a fully covered space.

Some decoration that is fairly flamboyant for the Lötschental.

There is no sky there are only trees.

A nice one.

South side of the church.

The church opens onto an elevated terrace that is quite pleasant because it's a coherent place and yet is open to expansive views on two sides. The bottom right house in the background is where we stay.

This is pretty cool. I think the pots are strung together through their drain holes on a rod that you can just see the top of. And they still grow stuff!

The two grand masters of the upper square.

An aged building on a young foundation, plus another sheet sculpture.

I would guess that this one is extremely old, given its vertical structural pieces, like the house in Ringoldingen.

Another fountain. Villages built on a slope are great because you can straight up reach out and touch the roofs of lower buildings when you're on the uphill side of them.

More roofs from the fountain spot.

The drain of the fountain, with surface tension.

A pretty imposing piece of the street. There aren't many buildings in Blatten as tall as these.

The school.

I dunno, I just liked the look of this waterpipe cover.

A restaurant(/inn?) near the downstream entrance to the village.

A ravine in the same area.

Some garages and a substation or something.