Gallery: June 5 — Hofstetten, Schwanden, Brienz, Glyssi

Herewith a day of exploration between and above Hofstetten and Brienz.

A 1910 version of the wall-lettering tradition; note the Art Nouveau-like style of the text.

View of the Brienzersee, clearly closer in than the one from Hasliberg.

The next few photos are from Schwanden, halfway between Hofstetten and Brienz. Quite the bunker of a first floor this, but nicely softened by the hedges and overhanging plants above and in front.

Aha! Another cut-off corner. Even the footprint of the house had to be cut back.

Pretty cool, unique way to treat windows.

I think the date right at the top of the gable says 1935. This is one of the more baroque houses around.

Attentive sheep on quaint curvy lane.

On the steeps above Brienz and the See.

This is the Brienzer Rothornbahn, a cog railway going up to the Rothorn, a mountain overlooking Brienz. I crossed right under it on my hike.

As you can see here.

Slats. I think the lake may be just visible through them.

Another view of the Brienzersee with Brienz peeking out below it.

I don't know what kind of beetle this is, but he was pretty cool. He was a little less than 1 cm long, I think. I moved him off the road so he wouldn't get squooshed.

The tiny hamlet of Glyssi, nestled way up here along a cul-de-sac. (I think the road sign means dead-end, upon reviewing it. I'm not sure I got that when I was there.)

An outdoor oven sort of in the middle of nowhere on the way back to Hofstetten.

An apparently quite new green roof.

And this from when I had just departed from Brienz to move on to the Diemtigtal. It's a look across the Brienzersee back toward the Brienz area, and the cliffy hill in the left middleground is Ballenberg.