Gallery: June 17 — Burgdorf area 1

I traveled a bit further afield to the large town of Burgdorf, which means "fortress village" and is so named because it is dominated by a fortress sitting on a high outcropping.

Typical interior of the local trains — very new and nice.

A carefully sculpted plaster Ründi.

Some massive walls. I don't remember noticing that grounded roof at the bottom right before now.

A covered bridge in Burgdorf with fantastic structure.

Foundation piles for something new.

A small coppery snake. I moved it off the trail, holding it carefully with sticks — a challenge.

View out to the northwest. The mountains on the horizon are the Jura, I believe.

Fruits or nuts on a vibrant tree (besides a few withered branches). Not sure what sort of tree.

Nice colors and oval Ründi on this farmhouse.

A pretty, whitewashed outbuilding. I'm curious what it's used for, because the roof is unusually steep for here, and the front window is unusual as well.

A big town Bauernhof.

Another happy vine.

A rather grand hotel — the hedge along the road was so high that I had to jump up to see this directly, and hold the camera overhead to get the shot.

...And then I realized the hedge was lower just a little further on, once I got there.

A wildly wide eave.