Gallery: June 17 — Burgdorf area 2

More from around Burgdorf.

More mysterious fruits.

Some intense lettering.

Cow, tree, hill.

Kind of down on its luck this one.

This is an example of an inexplicable phenomenon I saw frequently in the Emmental: flattened areas of grain fields, sort of like crop circles except seemingly unplanned.

The day's lunch spot; the river is the bleached area to the right.

A bridge over the river, with some curious details.

This is the Burg of the Dorf.

I love these heavy walls.

This is a view down from a road that is way up over another road, and I don't remember why there's that kind of configuration.

View across the way on the high road.

A shopping mall I happened upon that has a green/postmodern/CMYK vibe.

The main atrium of the mall.

Moiré effect at the Burgdorf train station.

View from the homeward train ride of the Burg receding in the distance.