Gallery: July 13 — Departure

A few last shots of the apartment and the valley before heading home.

The perfect living room of the apartment, which is also where I slept.

The balcony.

The whole building: the Schröters, who own it, live on the top floor; the middle floor is the guest apartment.

In the bus shelter: some useful local Lötschentaler vocabulary. The Löschental dialect and its near neighbors are, as Swiss German goes, about as different from standard German as you can get.

The chain of buildings again, from the bus.

Last full view of the Lötschenlücke before it disappears around the corner, always a bittersweet moment.

Goppenstein station while we waited for the train: with this picture, both my camera memory cards were full. I had had to ration pictures rather carefully ever since the initial photographic spree at Ballenberg, but this still meant a capacity for thousands more — a large fraction of which you have now seen if you've arrived here by going through the whole gallery.

These captions have now been completed (not counting revisions) as of May 29, 2008, just before the third anniversary of my setting off on this great adventure. I hope you've found this extensive look at Switzerland enjoyable and informative. Feel free to delve back again in as much as you want, and also feel free to email me (jbdowse at gmail) if this has provoked any questions or comments you'd like to share.