Gallery: June 29 — Eggerstanden 1

I took a walk out to Eggerstanden, a settlement due east of Appenzell, and back, to collect some building shots.

Near Haus Lydia.

Lots of nice open hilly country around.

A masonry house being built.

Local landscape.

View back to Appenzell.

Solemn barn.

Appenzell is another sectionally interesting place, like the Emmental.

Unusual shallow-roofed house.

They were serious about the windowbrows on this one.

Freestanding chimney. The low brick building must have a specialized use of some sort that requires it.

Eggerstanden fire station.

All th' way downt' lumbayahd.

High noon at the Eggerstanden church.

Neues Bild und...

Altes Bild! ("Bild" means picture, so I'm not sure why they're named that.)