Gallery: June 29 — Eggerstanden 2

On the way back from Eggerstanden.

OK, here's a shooting gallery where the targets definitely were across the road, so that I had to walk through the line of fire. I think they close the road off when that's happening, though.

Here are the targets and an endangered wind sock.

Uphill to the northwest.

Old house. Cool column in the front right corner.

The spare composition of the houses and trees on the fields has a kind of Japanese-landscape-painting character to it.

Light green deep green.

A cute little chapel right by the road.

High farm.

Swingdragon plus markers for a new building.

Swingdragon en zoom.

The house army lying in wait.

Chatz on the pounce.

Underpass back near Haus Lydia — the railway is overhead, curving around to Hirschberg.