Gallery: June 19 — Evening in Zernez 2

That evening was another crisp, clear one, so I took a walk again.

Last light far away.

The sun was deep below the ridge at this point but still illuminating the clouds.

Some more.

To the north.

Towers close & far.

More ridge clouds.

There were also flocks of birds high in the sky, probably out feeding on bugs.

The mountain way up the valley, plus birds.

Then some contrails showed up.

The cloud reared up to eat them but they plunged away out of its reach.

Now the moon's here.

Rays & birds.

Lots of birds.

Bird zoom.

The land uphill from the churches is worked into large-scale terraces, maybe for erosion control primarily. This can be seen in many other places in the Engadin as well.

Solo bird.

Another contrail.

Cloud in very late light.