Gallery: June 17–18 — Evenings in Trub & Zernez

A couple of last Emmental shots and then clear across the country to Zernez and the Lower Engadin.

Evening twilight from my room at the Sternen.

Is this evening or dawn? I don't even know anymore.

The one travel shot from the 6-hour trip to Zernez: this is a farm building near Zürich, of a typical form for the area but not for any of the areas I stayed in.

Late light view out my room at the Alpina in Zernez. Look closely: the moon.

Here it is.

Interior of my room. Very nice wood-paneled walls and ceiling.

The Alpina. I took a walk this first evening.


Late rays.

The tiniest brook, up the hill behind the churches.

A really very mysterious clock building near the brook.

The flowers of this common species of bush had an exact component of the scent of a kind of sausage that I frequently ate on the trip, which was pretty weird but kind of cool. I really want to know what the plant is. It could be that the sausage is actually seasoned with some part of it.

Last light on mountains far up the Engadin.

Gentians, I think — the right color, at least. My favorite color.

Last light straight uphill to the east.