Gallery: June 21–22 — Evening & night in Zernez 3

Some shots from the middle of the night and some more from another evening.

The almost-full moon.

The moon was incredibly low in its path across the sky — this makes sense, since it was the summer solstice at this point and the full moon is about at the antipodal point in the sky from the sun, which means that the full moon at the summer solstice takes the same path as the sun at the winter solstice. In fact the moon was fuller the following night, and it was below the mountains for most of the night. That means that that happens to the sun in late December. Not good to have seasonal affectives if you're from Zernez.

Alpenglow; the keyhole tower.

Alpenglow; the central square.

Alpenglow; the church.

Alpenglow; the church again.