Gallery: July 12 — Ferden

Thence to the lowest of the four main towns, Ferden.

"What you keep, hold without pride; what you lose, give up without sorrow."

This may be the wornest building in the valley.

The town's primary school.

Good CMUs: nicely detailed and doing a gravity-defying job of holding up this house.

A smaller church. I like, again, the contrast between the dark trim and the light walls.

The back of the church.

Another Ferden pile.

The seat would feel naked without its singlet on.

This is an additional church, and it looks like the main one. The town probably outgrew the capacity of the original one.

This is a confusing shot at first. I think I took it just to note the corrugated metal siding, which is certainly unusual here — especially since it appears to be enclosing a residential space rather than an industrial one, judging by the window recessed into it.

Ein prima Tag!