Gallery: June 23 — Ftan-Grond

Now on to Ftan-Grond, the larger of the villages.

Jordan looks like it has thinner walls than most, but still has traditional sgraffito trim decorations on the side.

A major intersection, in Ftan terms.

I like big buttresses.

Overall view of the big-buttress house. It looks like it's stepping forward.

Wall irregularity.

An area of new development.

Spare and elegant.

I may be completely off base, but that looks like Jemima Puddle-Duck in the center of the wall.

African colors (and even African-looking geometries), though that's probably not what they were thinking in 158Z.

This one has the beginnings of a blue infestation.

The church. A surprise is in store.

Church tower and yellow block.

This was just a cool-looking set of covers in the street.

The surprise is that the church and tower are separate buildings!


Composition shot.

Look how steep the window headers are. Dang.

Very nice use of black & white.

Hexagonal house.

Looking back up to Ftan-Grond on the way back down to Ardez.

New houses, still nicely decorated.

Another new house, not to be outdone in decoration.

Somebody really likes salmon pink.