Gallery: June 23 — Ftan-Pitschen

Ftan is a settlement that sits high up on the side of the valley. It comprises two villages, Ftan-Pitschen and Ftan-Grond.

On the train ride over, another view of the Schloss Tarasp.

And another closeup.

I clambered up the mountainside up to Ftan, partly on the road and partly bushwhacking. This house with a funny modern addition was in the first area of the town that I saw.

Schloss Tarasp again; now you can see some of the Tarasp settlements around it.

A distinctive sort of roof.

There's a lot of new building in Ftan.

Such as these porches.


A coat of arms. Right on the wall!

Here's the classic farmhouse that was my favorite Engadin building on the trip.

Fantastic medallions. Very strong centers.



A seemingly random medallion collection.

More crazy windows.

Tiny window huge border. Painted rocks.

Yet more windows. Clearly I was crazy about this house.

Subterranean entryway.

Nice rhythms.


1631, I guess? Quite the groovy numerals for 1631.


More medallions. Even one beside the window on the right.

A cornucopia, maybe.