Gallery: June 20 — Guarda 1

Thence to Guarda.

Getting closer...

View across the valley.

Tiny building way down from the road — don't know whether an agricultural building or what.

A great contour bridge.

Guarda Guard Rooster on the edge of the village.

A smithy. Nice conjunction of form and content there.

One Zernez-style building.

An unrenewed house with baroque accents.

Pretty precipitous projections.

This is one of my sharpest memories of the built environment from the whole trip — a tunnel up from this street to a square beyond.

I can't resist these mountain-between-buildings shots.

Old house, old gate.

Guarda church. It didn't seem as late as that.


Nice irregularities here.

Look at the little line of medallions up along the strip near the roof. I wonder if they have some particular meaning.