Gallery: June 20 — Guarda 2

More Guarda.

There are lots of buttresses for the heavy masonry walls, but few that are carved away for a window.

What is that diagonal strip that ends at the eave?

Holy dang! 1577!


Lots of color.


Typical oval fountain.

Those little circular windows are great too.

Alley covered by eaves and walled away from the street.

This one's got a Halloween theme!

One of the more distinctive projecting windows I saw.

There's a red house over yonder. Also a yellow one. Check out how the windows of each half are detailed differently.

Nice smooth vs. rough thing going on, not to mention the subtly psychedelic lettering.

It would appear, counterintuitively, that this tunnel leads to a restaurant and not a catacomb.

This vegetal border is one of the most intense borders you'll find here.

A lone horse-chestnut.