Gallery: June 4 — Hasliberg

I took a trip up the valleyside to Hasliberg, a line of villages that I had previously stayed in with my parents, back in time in 1999.

A view up into Ballenberg (Ticino section) from the train. The train travels up the flattish Aare valley, which Hofstetten and Ballenberg are cliffily separated from.

New & old construction on an unusually complex house.

A nice stream in a little wooded vale between the open meadows.

There's quite a bit of ramshackle building in this area of Hasliberg — it's a farming community, nothing gentrified about it.

Green roof on a concrete garage. It was a misty day with low-hanging clouds and occasional sprinkles.

This elegant pattern is one of a few common expressions for corner brackets in Oberland buildings.

We see that this house was built "im 1728 Jahr." The engraving of the lighter areas brings up a question — are these places where wood was replaced, so that the engraving had to be redone?

Another tumbledown guy.

There's something a little Appalachian in the collection of stuff that's hanging out in front of this house.

New roof and dormer.

Whole new half of the house.

Another addition that's almost as big as the original building.

This one was built im 1759 Jahr. Nice combination of white & black in the decoration.


The Swiss will build anywhere because they build solidly.

Livestock in Switzerland is not fazed by mere topographical challenges.

View down to the canalized Aare emptying into the Brienzersee, plus the Meiringen military airstrip.

This is the driveway for the house we stayed at back in time in 1999. It's a wooden bridge over a ravine. Luckily, the car that the owner drove (with us in it at one point, when we were arriving) was very light.

This is the house we stayed at. To walk up from the village (Hohfluh), we had to clamber up this hill. We got plenty of exercise.

The axis mundi of Hasliberg. It's an informative one.

Check out the eave of the roof. It's cut off at the corner so that traffic on the road won't hit it. I saw several more examples of this elsewhere.