Gallery: July 8 — Kandersteg

We went through the aforementioned Lötschberg Tunnel to Kandersteg for some hiking and running: I took a cablecar up to Sunnbüel and ran the five miles on a plateau from there to the Gemmipass, which connects to the Valais valley of Leuk and Leukerbad, and five miles back, as detailed in the travelogue, while my parents did a hike in the Kandersteg area.

My parents had my camera and got this shot of the cablecar I was returning from the run on.

Me, exhausted from the low-oxygen 10-miler.

This Kandersteg church has an interesting steeple roof and clock.

Big ol' Ründi — you can tell we're in Kanton Bern.

Excellent hinges.

A newly renovated building.

New side wing under construction.

Back in Blatten, where, as frequently happens, the weather was a lot clearer than in the Oberland.

These mystery boxes way high up on the mountains caught my eye due to the reflecting sunlight, and I took this binoculars-telephoto shot of them. I still don't know what they are.

A binoculars-wide-angle experiment.

Late twilight, around 10PM.