Gallery: July 12 — Kippel 2

On our last full day in Switzerland, I investigated the Lötschental towns further where needed. First I returned once more to Kippel.

Another shingled house.

A small public stage area. And yet another shingled house. Maybe they're more common in the Lötschental than I thought.

The cemetery (Friedhof, literally "courtyard of peace") next to the church. Nice flower colors.

A sparklingly new stair.

The side of the church. This is the principal church of the whole valley, and it is a lovely building, with fine detailing (e.g. the quoins of the clock tower) and proportions (e.g. the round-arched bays).

The interior. The vaults are really elegant, I think, and the dark gray trim provides powerful contrast and definition.

The pulpit.

The overlooking areas in the back (I'm sure there's a term for them) and the organ.

A surprisingly Engadin-looking building nearby.

The entrance to the church.