Gallery: July 7 — Kippel Museum

Kippel has a museum on Lötschentaler culture that's always worth checking out. After the expedition to Eisten and Kühmad we paid it a visit.

There was local artwork on display. This painting has a rather Fauve-like quality.

Then there was this whole series of moody, evocative woodcut prints.

It's really cool to see familiar sights given extra significance with strong depictions like this.

The works are by Peter Eichwald, we see.

Another few.

A reconstruction of an old-time kitchen setup.

An old-time bedroom setup.

A compact, ancient Kachelofen.

A great old poster advertising the north-south efficiencies of the new Lötschberg tunnel, which connects the Valais via Goppenstein at the base of the Lötschental to the Berner Oberland at Kandersteg. Note that Switzerland is greatly enlarged with respect to the rest of Europe.

A tiny house with tiny barrels and baskets.