Gallery: July 7 — Kühmad

We continued up to another hamlet, Kühmad.

Houses fountain.

Kühmad has exactly eight buildings on the east side of the river.

Another environmental sculpture.

The side of the chapel. Kühmad's chapel is so large (disproportionately to the village) that it was hard to get in one shot from the available paths.

The façade of the chapel: 1718.

Highly intricate altar and other pieces are housed within.

The pulpit.

Finely detailed vault.

Attractive pews, which look austere to sit in.


Font, the base of which says 1709, I think, thus predating the chapel itself.

A mysterious settlement further upslope to the east.

Curiously craggy pathside rocks.

The dusky interior of a barn, visible from the outside through an opening.