Gallery: July 2 — The Lake

The route from Appenzell to Gersau took us through Luzern and across the Vierwaldstättersee (the Lake of Lucerne).

But this is the Zürichsee — specifically its southeast end — which we passed by first.

Luzern and its excellent Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge).

Quick plane shot.

On (in) the Kapellbrücke.

Ja prima!

A distinguished square.

It's great how colorful the clocks of this tower are.

The massive, rusticated remainder of the tower's building — note the Ründi.

A lovely pan-cantonal café gallery.

The Jesuitenkirche, a very curvular Baroque church.

View down the Reuss as it exits the lake.

I like those zany little tilted oval windows.

A grand entrance to the grand station.

First class on the Gallia, our sentimental favorite of the five Vierwaldstättersee steamers.


The dock at Vitznau, next town west from Gersau.

The lively Art-Nouveau Vitznauer Hof. I like the openwork steeple in particular.

Gersau now coming into view around the bend.


That flag is almost as big as Gallia herself.

Tschüss, Gallia! (Note the seemingly vertical topography beyond.)