Gallery: June 13–14 — Langnau, Gohl, Bärau

Shots from Langnau, the transit hub of the area, and Gohl, an area to the north of Langnau.

Dove on light. The dove gives you an idea of how big those lights really are.

The cat is clearly intimidated by the fact that the bunnies are larger than it.

Don't mind the camera strap. I like the glass infill in the half-timbering here — I hadn't seen anything like it before.

Townhouse with a curious split-level roof.

The curves are almost spooky.

View of Langnau from a rise above.

An outcropping of Nagelfluh in Gohl — it's kind of amazing how the sea-rounded stones retain their identity so clearly even after compression into sedimentary rock.

A ceramic donut insulator for a powerline tiedown.

Somewhat cowhide-like, these moss patches.

A large lilac bush? I'm not sure.

And another.