Gallery: June 20 — Lavin

The next day I had a big tour day of four towns, starting with Lavin, the next village after Susch.

Lavin station.

View down valley; you can see the town of Guarda in the distance up to the left.

A school, more in a modern/Zernez style.

This perforated fill was a unique way to retrofit the large portals.

The compound eave brace makes a cameo return appearance.

Quite the color this! Lavin seemed to have the greatest proportion of very shallow-sloped roofs after Zernez.

It's like a giant straw.

There might be a pulley system in there, I'm not sure.

Lovely complex bracing, reminiscent of Emmentaler work.

Split house — the left side looks like it has a story to tell.

Unusual opening. I wonder what the raised portion of the wall in the middle is.

Nicely decorated portals.

This one has a ghost portal on the side.

Nice corner pavilion of some sort.

View down to the En and garden beds from a higher part of town.

Check out the marbling!

The time-worn church.

View back to Lavin as I proceeded up the hillside toward Guarda.

This is some rough country here.

This, I think, was an avalanche shelter for the former settlement of Gonda that was in the vicinity (see below).

This placard explains how Gonda was a hamlet here between Lavin and Guarda that was ruined by an avalanche — good thing the shelter was there, though I don't know how much good it did. This is rough country indeed.

Remaining foundations of Gonda buildings.