Gallery: June 7 — Lower Diemtigtal

On to the Diemtigtal: Oey, Diemtigen and nearby areas near the base of the valley.

The Gasthof Sternen in Oey, where I stayed (after the first night I was there).

Masonry reconstruction along the road toward Diemtigen.

The village of Diemtigen from a distance.

The Grosshaus in Diemtigen: note the power lines attaching curiously to the building.

Eave of the Grosshaus — check out how every boundary is patterned.

Pretty irises (ires? irii?) and veggies.

More pretty irises.

An unusual stone house, with goat.

A view out from the Diemtigtal to the lower Simme valley and maybe all the way across the Thunersee to the mountains opposite.

A happy vine.

I like this shot for the spare composition, the grass horizon, and the low-hanging cloud.

I continued up the road above Diemtigen and the mountains across the Simmental peeked up over.

...and emerged further...

...and further...

...and then I was at the height of land.

This is some kind of typography in-joke because the word "Frutiger" is set in Frutiger, a typeface designed by (the Swiss) Adrian Frutiger, and "Kundendienst Umbauten Renovationen" is set in Univers, another typeface designed by Frutiger.

Here is a view down the ridge; the Simmental is on the left and the Diemtigtal on the right. I sketched this in the nature journal.

The log I sat on to have lunch and from which I saw the previous view. Also: Simmentaler cows.

Whoa, all of a sudden I'm clear across the valley! This is a view back toward that ridge between the valleys from the other side of the Diemtigtal; Diemtigen is visible below.

One example of the incredibly dense decoration the area is known for.

A porch that ends up completely covered thanks to huge eaves.

Nice little courtyard (with a 900!)

Another decorated masterpiece.

A detailed view. I wonder how much time this took.