Gallery: June 8 — Middle Diemtigtal

Mostly further up than the previous day, but I started the walk straight out from Oey, heading up along the east side of the valley.

Just outside of Oey were these adorable donkeys.

Again the view over Diemtigen, but this time in the morning.

Big clouds, little village.

You want vanishing points, I've got vanishing points.

Roof tiles — these go on the ridge of the roof, specifically.

More roof tiles, up close & personal.

Barn + blinding sun.

Tiny house with tiny bridge over brook of tiny width.

This outlook emerged after I had crossed the valley and climbed up the western side through woods and then out into a field. I was just able to catch both the sun and the glinting reflection of it on a building far away.

Here's a closeup of the reflecting building.

These are a common feature under Diemtigtaler roofs — I'm no longer totally sure what they are, but I think they might be mini-apiaries.

New roof construction.

This is an imposing part of the Diemtigtal landscape. It's called the Schwarzenberg (Black Mountain) and marks the beginning of the area where the Diemtigtal is split into two valleys, those of the Chirel and Fildrich rivers.

Imagine this was a catnip plant this size and there were a hundred cats in it. Now replace each cat with 10 bees. That's what was up.

More new construction.

This is part of the same, I think — it's over an existing building.

View up the valley into the distance.

Hey sheeps.

Heavy-duty erosion control.

Heh, this time "Frutiger" is set in Univers.

More decoration, featuring Bern bears. (I guess Canton Bern is the Russia of Switzerland. The name "Bern" is related to "bear.")

Besides the decoration, note the unusual metal bracket underneath this piece.

Frequently these caps are carved into bear heads.

1757. This work is really astonishing.

A huge medallion — something like a meter in diameter — on the wall of a building back in Oey.