Gallery: July 9 — Mitholz

We then returned to Kandersteg and continued on to Mitholz, just a short distance down the Kander valley, which was one aboveground construction site for the Lötschberg Base Tunnel (now in operation) and had a temporary (I think) building housing an exhibition about the project.

Another Kandersteg Ründi.

There was this big wood-framed tent that I think we ate lunch in.

A very distinctive kind of picnic table construction.

A wider view of the way up to Sunnbüel.

Inside the Mitholz museum: maps showing the different planned components of the AlpTransit project, the Lötschberg Base Tunnel being the red line in the southwest.

These are what was previously where the tunnel is now.

Parents at the end of a tube.

Remember this construction from the previous day? Done!

A crystal sculpture that looks similar to some of the owls.

Another one of those posters with incredible compositions, this one in the Kandersteg station.

Back in the Lötschental, on the east slope just upstream from Wiler is this curious vertical grouping of buildings. I don't know why they were built like this unless maybe it's a method of avalanche protection.