Gallery: June 24 — National Park 1

Read all about my wild day in the National Park in the blog or nature journal. The executive summary is that I got caught in a thunderstorm and thought I was done for but made it back by pretty much running all the way back. In the meantime...

At the National Park info center in Zernez, there was a super-sweet virtual reality flyover setup.

The controller for the flyover app.


Atop Piz Linard.

The exterior of the info center.

Woods in the park near the base.

Nice soft forest floor species.

The rugged land of the park.

A bench and a gigantic drop into oblivion.

Foreshadowing, as it were.

Don't slip!

Here's a landslide in waiting right above you as you go along the trail. Look in the bottom right corner. That slightly lighter, curving strip is the trail.

Pretty ericaceous flowers.

This must be a 45° slope for real. It's hard to comprehend how far you're actually looking up the slope, but look how tiny the trees are at the top of it.