Gallery: June 7–9 — Evening in Oey, etc.

A collection of miscellaneous photos from around Oey, mostly of two evening expeditions: one to Erlenbach im Simmental and back on the 7th, and the other to the fields above Oey for the sunset on the 9th.

First, a shot of my room at the Sternen. Very pleasant.

The hall & stairs just outside the room.

On the Erlenbach walk: a look down the Simmental toward Spiez. It looks like there's a castle or fortress in the middleground, but it's actually a curious towering industrial building.

The Simme, with perhaps the Chirel emptying into it on the left — in that case, this is the meeting point of the Diemtigtal and Simmental.

Horse composition.

Pastel twilight.

Yes, those are trees growing out of the moss-covered shed roof. There's a little bit of alpenglow-induced coloration visible.

Sink in my room. I liked the light a lot because it was maybe a halogen — at any rate a clear, bright point light, multiplied by the mirror to give a sort of jewel-like quality of casting.

Extremely fast exposure of me in the sunlight coming in my room in the afternoon.

This is the sunset-above-Oey expedition. I sat down at a nice spot in the fields and proceeded to take some pictures.

Color version. The mountains cause the sun to set early so that it still looks white rather than golden (as it would were it closer to the flat horizon, through a greater amount of atmosphere) — I think that makes this look almost more like a sunrise.

Hazy crepuscules in the distance.

A sun dog off toward the south.

Last light on the slope above Diemtigen, just above the ridge I explored earlier.

Water bottle.

Sunset glow.

Sun dog revisited.

Just past sunset.

A neat-looking set of clouds that were off to the north.

Airplane + new moon.

Late twilight shot of the view out my window.