Gallery: July 4 — Owls

One of the great things about Gersau is that it has a park that hosts public art exhibitions, which change from year to year. In 2005 it was owls.

Also: grasshoppers. This actually was away from the park, near the shore, but it was made by an artist who also produced one or more owls for the exhibition.

The road by the park, a highly pleasant place, being along the shore as well; I like the double-diagonal composition of this picture.


This one was pretty much all silverware.

Rusty the Horseshoe Owl.

This is the one that I think was made by the grasshopper man, because its construction (concrete skin over styrofoam) was the same. The base housed a display about the making of this and other sculptures and also contained a bunch of additional small (and adorable) owls.

Owl on a Bike: an idea with at least as much merit as Snakes on a Plane.

One of the most abstract and poetic of the sculptures.

Another abstracted one, but whimsical.

Some, like these ones, were partially sheltered within plastic drums. I think this was done for non-weather-resistant materials like wood.

Sleepy owl. After all, it's daytime.

Maximum owl abstraction.

A view of the Big Owl from a safe, secluded spot.

Rusty's interior against the sky.

I like the look of this kind of construction, but I bet it takes forever to do.