Gallery: June 22 — Scuol 1

Scuol is the largest town in the Lower Engadin; it's further down the river from Ardez. it has a correspondingly large train station.

View back up the valley.


Churches again.

Can't get too many ultramarine flowers.

A road cantilevered over another road.

Layers and layers of infrastructure!

The exuberant Hotel Filli.

Another nice sundial.

Classy ensemble.

Especially this one.

Nice combination of delicate (the tracery) and massive (the buttress).

Another mysterious tunnel.

Very nice cobblestone work.

Another pleasantly irregular house.

This is a very familiar picture since I adapted it into a drawing.


Vertical composition of buildings.

It's got eyebrows!

A tantalizing bit of a view through the gate.

Nice variation on quoin decoration.

A rather shy tower.

Church on high.

Closeup of the church. Nice stone textures in the tower wall.

Very nice. It's interesting how the roof borders are often very thick. Here it looks like the base of the roof border intentionally coincides with the top of the second-floor windows.