Gallery: June 22 — Scuol 2

More from Scuol.


View down the valley toward Austria.

The village of Sent in the distance.

Choppy mountains.

Another Crusch Alba.

Curious, this.


An interesting new type — a mall taking the form of an enclosed street that parallels the open street. What is the blobby pastry up on the left?

Denser building even than usual along the main street.

Somethin' wacky's around the corner!

I had lunch in this pleasant park here.


The houses look like a herd (a flock?) milling about.

"Quelle" means spring, or source — Scuol is home to springs and was originally established as a baths.

A classic Deux Chevaux on the main street.

Here are the mecha-waves in full view. They're part of a bath complex, I'm almost certain (given the aquatic motif).

This is really something, with the spirals hidden behind the waves of the vine.

Nice woodwork.

Simple walls, complex masses. Mountain.

The flowers know they are in a good spot.

Nice detail.

This is the train station. Lots of curious stuff emerging from the roof.

Heading out.

Can you see the Schloss Tarasp?

Here's the Schloss Tarasp closer in.