Gallery: June 10 — Simmental

On the last day in Oey I took a long hike up the Simmental.

An example of the common compound brace detail used on overhanging eaves.

A large Lower Bernese-style farmhouse on the road to Erlenbach.

Goats — they wanted to be fed.

A new house going up.

The Erlenbach church with its painted-on clock.

A mysterious hole in the Ründi of a house. Maybe just a roof vent.

This means that this road is part of a hiking trail.

A grassy lane through the fields above Erlenbach — incredibly idyllic. It was one of the nicest-feeling places on the whole trip. The world needs more grassy lanes.

The tree ate the fence!

A different kind of roof tile, more ornamented than the norm.

A pretty cool kind of gate along the trail, to keep sheep on the right side of the fence.

I love this kind of stark black-on-white detailing.

This was in a grouping of some of the most complexly decorated houses in the whole area. Not as showy in terms of color as some others, but incredibly dense all over with decoration.


A beautiful imitation of quoins on this masonry mass. Better than the real thing, I think.

A barn with a partly detiled roof.

Covered bridge — being from New England, I felt right at home.

Structure of the roof of the covered bridge.

Very nice diagonal and curved members here.

Another covered bridge. Note the Lower Bernese roof hip on both.

The same new house construction as before, in the late afternoon rather than the morning. Check out all the work that was done in the meantime.