Gallery: June 19 — Susch 1

That afternoon, I explored the town of Susch, the next one downriver from Zernez, about 4 miles away.

An overview, capped by the Two Towers.

Sources tell me this is a nursery (a plant nursery). It looks very inviting.

Susch Signal Station, in the very distinctive Engadin railroad-building style — wall and window treatments similar to that of other Engadin buildings, but with steeper roof.

Formerly a single large opening, adapted into a wall with smaller windows.

There's a Crusch Alba in every town in the valley, it seems. I think it must be the name of a nearby mountain or something.

The local info center. Cool how the border of the window in the gable is far larger than the window aperture itself.

A little plaza next to the info center; the rock is a mystery.


A really nice vaulted porch on a house.

Lean-tos deserve no less sgraffitoed respect than any other building type. Interesting little holes just under the roof that I hadn't noticed before — I wonder if they're just vents or if they're for birds or something.

The Two Towers, one of a church and the other of I forget.

Either this was a fortress originally or I hypothesized same.

The contrast between the texture of the tower walls and that of the walls of the house attached to it is very nice, I think.

There were many of these charming little jutting windows up and down the valley.

It's great how each window has a different border around it, so that it really has its own identity. (Ibex!)

I love when different elements appear all to be carved out of the same mass. The corner post is rather whimsical in its rotundity, too, I think.

The En, somewhat larger than at Zernez, bucolically flowing past Susch.

An unusual sort of wall treatment.