Gallery: June 19 — Susch 2

More Susch.

The approach to the maybe-a-fortress with its sweet curved retaining wall.

An ancient-looking way up to a breezeway.

The church.

Sometimes the walls are quite irregular, which only adds to their beauty, I think.

Nice curve of this wall.


Modern version of the traditional porous wood infill between masonry corner posts of a barn.

Another modern element, which looks like a lovely place to hang out.

Another tower besides the Two.

Mountain and street.

Not gentians but a common potted plant, the name of which I forget, but it has the same sublime color.

A shed (or crypt entrance??) that the earth itself appears to have made.

The poetry of a wall.

Another corner recess, this one given an intense power by its decorations (they make it a strong center, in the terms of Christopher Alexander's theories of form.)

Mountains beyond.

A two-level porch, very nice.

Again, each window given its own identity by a different medallion.

Susch station.