Gallery: June 25 — Travel from Zernez to Appenzell

A few last shots from Zernez and then several from the long trip over to Appenzell.

The overhead light in my room at the Alpina.

The same light with a different color setting on the camera.

Parting shot of Zernez — with the incandescent light setting accidentally having been left on.

Sagliains station, the entrance to a tunnel that connects the Engadin to points north much more directly than was possible before it was built.

The metadata on the side of a train at one of the numerous stations I transferred at that day, maybe Landquart.

The misty mountains of Liechtenstein.

A rare glimpse of the Bodensee on the way to St. Gallen.

Another rare glimpse of the Bodensee. Lots of sailing.

A tenacious little basal plant (a horsetail, maybe?) growing in the asphalt of, I think, a quay at St. Gallen station.