Gallery: July 5 — Travel from Gersau to Blatten

The extensive trip from Gersau over to the Lötschental. First, though, some shots of the Tübli.

My room was really big enough to be a small studio apartment.

Here's the rest of it.

And the balcony.

And the rest of the balcony.

The view down to the square from the balcony.

The Tübli also has a fantastic restaurant with a verdant outdoor area. The spaces between the roof pieces are for awnings.

The fountain is the same age as me.

Eltern waving "tschau" to Gersau.

Dad & me.

Erschti Klass once again. Totally worth the extra price on a one-way day.

The paddlewheel.

The lake under the paddlewheel.

A nice simple church on the shore, I forget where.

A parting shot of the ship, which wasn't the Gallia; hence it was either the Stadt Luzern, the Schiller, the Uri, or the Unterwalden.

We went to Flüelen on the ship and proceeded up through Uri again to Andermatt. (Is that another tractor on the road?)

A different view of the Teufelsbrücke cluster. You can see the devils just to the left of the upper tunnel entrance.

From Andermatt we headed into the Rhône valley — i.e., the Valais — via the Furkapass tunnel. Here is a glider being towed in the Valais airspace.

Long view down the Rhône valley.

Landing plane.

We changed trains to proceed up the hanging valley of the Lötschental; this is a view back down into the Rhône valley after we had gained a significant amount of elevation. The town is probably Gampel/Steg.

Another view down into the valley, with an extensive lane of Lombardy poplars visible.

First view of the wonderfully familiar Langgletscher at the apex of the Lötschental.